Mayor Elections app (2016)

Why there is no app for elections? I don't mean the app where you can vote. The small companion app that has same information which was available in the leaflets. Plus it can remind you to register and remind which day is the election.

I don’t mean that every single problem in this world can be solved with an app, but in this case, it would help, and it could reduce the cost of elections. Everything that I describe here is an addition to current flow.


It comes from my personal experience on that day. Few weeks before the day I received the card where the polling station is, and also received the info with campaign details.

On an actual day, I was walking to the office I noticed polling station signs and realised voting is today. After googling when polling stations close, I continued to the office and vote in the evening. An hour before the closing I found the polling info card, checked directions with my flatmate and went to vote.

It turns out there were two polling stations next to each other, and I went to the wrong one. Where they said they have most addresses of my street, but don’t have my building, and as a result, I couldn't vote.


This app could be super simple. I will list all features in bullet points.

  • Once you opened it asks for your home address.
  • It can check and notify you if you haven’t registered and only send the actual letter reminders when you ignore the app or ignore the notifications.
  • A week or two before the voting day the app can receive information about the candidates. You can even send more engaging content. Plus you can send more content as it costs almost nothing, as print version can get expensive. Especially if you print several million copies.
  • Before the day - you receive a push notification reminding that the vote is tomorrow, and also describing what info you need and how to vote.
  • On the day, it shows the map where your polling station is.

That’s it; the app can be as simple as that.

Even if you include all the extra time for project management due to bureaucracy while building this application, the cost won't exceed £30k-£40k. And every city that host elections can use the app.

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