Flat LED torch

The problem

Last week I had to fix a 3D printer due to loose bolts. Screwing black bolts in an area with insufficient light on the dark winter day is a challenging task. It got me thinking why there are so little great light solutions.

Solutions I tried

Mobile phone. Used it twice. First time when I tried to use a flashlight as a torch - most mobile phones have this option. The only problem is that it's too focused and too bright.

Also tried to take a photo of a blank A4 paper and use it on most brightness, but it the light wasn't that bright.

Finally found a clip lamp, but had to move 3D printer to use it.

I also had a torch - but the problem is that it's designed for different purpose. It's too focused. It works well on large distances, but not when you need to work with two hands, and you don't want to hold it in your mouth.

In the small working environment, you want something that lights area around you. Especially if you work with small details.

Had similar thought when a few weeks ago was assembling IKEA drawer. Because you work in uncomfortable positions, you might block the light source.

After googling for a while, I found few similar items that would work on Amazon. But, nothing that suits this need. And they look like crap.

Solution I want

LED torch with a white matte surface that smooths the light, but still powerful enough to light area around it. On / off trigger or button. Battery indicator. Mini USB connector for charging a battery. The only challenge is to find think battery. You would want LEDs to be around that battery to use the space and keep the device small enough to fit in your hand.

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